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Patrycja Szyrzyna
Preschool – Friday
Preschool – Saturday
Renata BillsRenata Bills
3rd Grade – Friday
Billingual Class (BL) – Saturday
Monika Więcek
6th Grade – Friday
1st Grade – Saturday

Anna Mrózek-Gał
Kindergaten – Friday
Kindergaten – Saturday
Bożena Łazarska
1st Grade – Friday
Barbara JezykBarbara Jeżyk
3rd Grade – Saturday
Helena KaminskyHelena Kamińska
2nd Grade – Friday
2nd Grade – Saturday
Malgorzata RadzikMałgorzata Radzik
5th Grade – Friday
5th Grade – Saturday
Maria Flig
4th Grade – Friday
4th Grade – Saturday
Bożena Bednarczyk
7th Grade – Friday
Grażyna Witkowski
8th Grade – Friday
8th Grade – Saturday
Alicja DobrzynieckiAlicja Dobrzyniecki
6th Grade – Saturday
Monika Górnikowski
10th Grade – Friday
7th Grade – Saturday
Katarzyna Kozaka-Gał
10th Grade – Saturday

Dorota Grzegorzewicz
8th Grade – Friday
11th Grade – Saturday
Anna Watkins
11th Grade – Friday
9th Grade – Saturday

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